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Yellow tartan fabric & Lime yellow calf leather

2.500 DKK

Sneakers Model

Golden label – only 6 pairs worldwide


  • Sneakers model
  • Yellow tartan fabric & lime yellow calf leather
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Premium outer material
  • Nappa leather lining
  • Ergonomic footbed
  • Water resistant

Outsole can be replaced when the material is worn out

Hand Tailored Shoes

Environmentally Friendly

Award Winning Design

Exclusive & Limited

Golden label – only 6 pairs worldwide

With only six pairs available worldwide, these extraordinary shoes redefine luxury and craftsmanship. Handmade in the fashion capital of the world, Italy, each pair is a testament to unparalleled artistry and attention to detail.

The Sneakers Model boasts a unique blend of materials, featuring a striking combination of yellow tartan fabric and lime yellow calf leather.

The Nappa leather lining provides a sumptuous experience for the wearer, combining comfort with sophistication. The ergonomic footbed adds an extra layer of support, making every step a pleasure.

Designed to withstand the elements, these sneakers are water-resistant, ensuring that they maintain their pristine appearance regardless of the weather. What sets these limited edition shoes apart is the innovative feature of a replaceable outsole. As the outer material naturally wears over time, the ability to replace the outsole extends the life of these sneakers, making them a sustainable investment for the discerning fashion enthusiast.

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Weight 1 kg




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Yellow calf leather, Yellow tartan fabric