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Change of sole – an ecological choice

Advice and price for changing the sole

The cost of a resoling varies according to the type of shoe, the degree of wear and the sole to be used. Usually the price is between€ 35.00 and €75 .00, except for the cost of a particular processing, which is naturally higher.

We deal with the repair of luxury shoes for men and women, the resoling of classic shoes with leather soles, men and women’s shoes. Each time, you will also have our free personalized advice to choose the right service for you. Passion, experience, modern tools and techniques at your service.
Through the resole service today it is no longer necessary to accumulate your shoes again, in fact your shoes will return as NEW and more performing than before.

Why change the sole?

First of all it is worthwhile, obviously it costs less than a pair of new shoes.
You reuse the same shoe, but regenerated.
It is not necessary to use the first fit to adapt to the foot: it already is!
The soling allows the customization of the shoe.
The resoling allows you to mount the sole you prefer on the shoe you prefer.
Resoling is an ecological choice.
Don’t worry we can completely regenerate it by adding the artisan technique that is applied to the best footwear.
In fact, our works as well as restoring new soles provide a fundamental detail that every shoe should always have …