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Handmade – We promote slow fashion!

The goal of slow fashion is to create a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry that values both people and the planet.

Slow fashion is a movement and approach to clothing and fashion that prioritises sustainability, ethical production, and longevity of garments. It stands in contrast to the fast fashion industry, which is characterised by rapid production cycles, cheap labor, and a disposable mentality. Slow fashion emphasises mindful consumption, quality craftsmanship, and environmentally friendly practices. It encourages consumers to make more conscious choices in their clothing purchases, considering the social and environmental impact of the items they buy.


Our shoes are hand made in Italy in our family-owned lab by skilled shoe makers.
Golden label has only 6 pairs in the world of each designed style
Luxury leather & fashion material in every single handcrafted sneaker
Real leather lining
The product is water resistant
Comfortable anatomic rubber footbed – leather covered
The outsole can be replaced when the material is worn out over time