RYC & Rich-Ycled are all handmade in Italy. Our products are what we like to say where sneakers meet shoes.
This is cause it is more than a sneaker & something you can wear everywhere!
It is a luxury piece of footwear and every pair is unique!

Limited Edition Worldwide, Only 6 Pieces

We call it pieces cause just like a piece of Art all our shoes are made in limited editions! So there are only 6 pieces of each model,
divided upon multiple sizes. Which makes it so we can’t guarantee that you will be able to buy your pair as it is first come first serve!
That’s why we say “Buy Now or Cry Later”

We Are Sustainable Fashion

We are the perfect choice for any fashion lover who also cares about our environment as we are sustainable fashion.
All our materials for our shoes are re-used luxury materials! We focus on ethical morals & represent an environmentally conscious lifestyle.​

 We constantly create new creations, so We recommend you check back constantly & or
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